a little about how beyond bronze started

I have always been a sun lover and enjoyed being tan, until 2007 when I was faced with a small out patient surgery for a few cancerous moles on my neck.  I use to always lay in the tanning bed and I never wore sunscreen EVER.  I always thought since I had olive skin an I tanned well that skin cancer would never be an issue for me.  The most important year of my life was 2007, when I became a mother to Savannah Marie.  The most important thing besides her was to remain healthy and do whatever I could to stay here and be her mom.  That was my job now.  I still struggled with not laying in the tanning bed and the the thought of using sunscreen was very sad, but I knew I had to choose being a mom or taking the risk of the sun and tanning beds and possibly dying.  It was not an option for me, so I started researching how I could be tan and do it safely without the risk of skin cancer.  I bought a little tanning machine and the solution that came with it and started spraying myself right away.  It didn't look that great at all and  I often struggled with getting back into the tanning bed.  I stuck with it and became more familiar with products and how to make it work.  8 years later I am still spray tanning (never tanning bed/if in the sun I now use sunscreen).  I am more confident than ever now with tanning everyone than I ever have been.  I have over 1500 clients now and 5 years ago I added a partner Heather Roberts.  She is just as good if not better than me when it comes to tanning.  So when you come to see us you will be meeting one of us and we will both take care of you.

About 8 years ago I got into being a freelance airbrush makeup artist and I am still going.  I love doing makeup and I enjoy being a part of any special event that you would need airbrushing for.  This is a look that goes all day and night for up to 16 hours of matte wear.


Cindy & Heather


On the left is Me (Cindy) and the right is Heather.  This is our family and when you see us most of the time you will also see them.  Mostly the kids running around having fun or fighting each other.  Heather and I are sisters from another mother and we work great together.  She has been with me for a little over 5 years and treats my business like her own.  So when you use Beyond Bronze you will see on or both of us.

beyond  bronze